Our Technology

The technology

Our novel radiation grafting method enables the tuning of proton exchange membrane fuel cell gas diffusion layers by introducing local, hydrophilic regions in the structure, faciliting advanced water and gas management. Several scientific papers have been published on our innovation and have demonstrated an increase in the achievable power density of 10-30%. The core technology was developed during the PhD thesis of co-founder dr. Antoni Forner-Cuenca. In addition, the technology has been shown to enable advanced cell designs with interdigitated flow fields, allowing completely new modes of fuel cell operation.


Facile integration

The modular design of fuel cells and our collaboration with innovative fuel cell companies allow facile integration of our product within commercial fuel cell stacks. Our in-house study will demonstrate the long-term electrochemical performance benefits and mechanical stability of the product. The technology could benefit from the projected growth in the fuel cell market and, at the same time, empower its advancement.

Scalable process

The production steps to manufacture gas diffusion layers with patterned wettability can be readily integrated within the state-of-the-art carbon-fiber based production process. A strong partnership with the most advanced gas diffusion layer manufacturer enables rapid scale-up of our product.